Translation & Transcreation

In times of generative AI and ChatGPT, Google Translate and English as lingua franca in international business and social media, you might ask: “What’s the fuss?”

This is your business’s challenge: as a native of Germany (or France, or Sweden, or Poland for that matter), my command of English is limited, and I would have to be a true aficionado to improve my language skills to a degree where your English advertising message will make me want to buy. So … if you want to convince me, talk to me in my own language.

Why your market communication should be transcreated rather than just translated.

Translations are good for understanding the basic facts, as in operating manuals, correspondence or technical documents. But if you want to compel your readers, you must understand their needs and what they bring with them in terms of knowledge, culture and common sense. A transcreation will do just that: in addition to conveying the content of the source text, a transcreator will speak to your target audience on their terms and on the basis of their own culture. Like a copywriter, a transcreator shapes words into messages that are understood by your target group. Transcreation is recommended for any form of market communication and advertising.

Hire 25+ years of experience for your marcomms.

These are the types of publications I regularly transcreate: websites, advertisements, press releases, brochures, blogs, video content, user guides and business books. Texts that sell products or ideas, texts that are made to compel or convey a deeper meaning.

Typical documents I translate: technical documentation, operating manuals, statistics, correspondence, short articles and early-stage manuscripts. Texts that describe the basics of how something works.

My languages: I translate and transcreate from English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian into German. Together with a network of freelance translators and copywriters, I also deliver texts in English, Danish and Swedish. Every text will be checked by an experienced native speaker and be ready for publication when you receive it.