Privacy Policy

This website collects personal data to a minimal extent for technical and statistical purposes only. We never share your data with anyone else. We do not use any Google plug-ins or other third-party analytic services.

You cannot register or log on to this website, and you cannot actively enter any personal data or send them to us through this website. The following is an overview of the types of data this website collects:

• Log files: When using this website, the data sent from your browser to our server will be read and stored. This typically includes information on the type and version of your browser, your computer’s or mobile device’s operating system, the referrer URL (the website from which you came to our website), the IP address of your computer or mobile device, and the date and time of the server request. These data cannot normally be allocated to a natural person (e.g. you), but to a technical set-up only. We use these data solely for statistical purposes (statistics on the usage of our website). We do not compare or combine these data with other data, and they will be deleted on a regular basis after generating statistical reports.

• Cookies: This website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your hard disk by websites you visit. Such text files contain information and are, among other things, used for supporting the visitor’s use of a website and improving its functionality.
There are two types of cookies. The first type, which is called persistent cookies, stores a file on your hard disk for a certain period of time. This website does not use any persistent cookies.
The other type of cookies, which is called session cookies, is stored temporarily during the time you surf on a site. Session cookies facilitate easy navigation on this website, e.g. regarding language selection and viewing the site on a mobile device.
If you don’t want any cookies to be stored on your computer, you can change the security settings of your browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.). You can choose not to permit the use of persistent cookies without any impact on the functionality of the website. Please note that if you do not accept session cookies, browsing this website may be slightly less comfortable.

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Status: 1 March 2023